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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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country. we'll have special panel as well. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. thanks for all the people here in stockton. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report a day of highs and lows for the american swimmer michael phelps. key break the all-time record for olympic medals? now we know. plus, congressional republicans with a new report on the fast and furious gun sting scandal. >> shepard: the report name names and issues blamed. singling out a handful of officials for the gun sting's failures. tonight, the accusations and the fallout from fast and furious. was this swimmer's performance too good to be true? the chinese say there was no cheating here and now olympic officials are responding. plus, a teenager thrown in
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jail after allegedly tweeting threats to this olympic diver. and a 12-year-old girl was in the car with her grandfather when he had a heart attack. >> i panicked and i started screaming. >> but then she had to save her own life. tonight, a child's bravery at 80 miles per hour. >> shepard: but first from fox this tuesday night. governor mitt romney says he is very pleased with how his big trip overseas went. but one of president obama's top campaign advisors is calling the trip nothing short of an embarrassing disaster. and now one of governor romney's aides is apologizing for telling reporters to shove it the governor had just wrapped up a visit a memorial for john paul ii in poland. the governor took but three questions in but one news conference over the entire event. still, a campaign staff told them the memorial is just not
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the right place for shouting questions and that campaign staff used what you might call colossal colorful language. listen here,. >> [shouting] >> we haven't had another chance to ask him questions. [bleep] >> this is a holy site for the polish people. show some respect. unbelievable. >> shepard: we told that aide later apologized to some of the reporters calling his language inappropriate. carl cammeron live on the road in warsaw, poland. you asked the governor today about his gaffe-prone trip or whether he he is gaffe prone. what did he say? >> straight up to his face has this been a gaffe prone trip and he answered it. and argued that he has been speaking his mind. there are an awful lot of reporters who accused them of gaffes. he said on the facts he hasn't
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been inaccurate. in politic or bad political discourse to mention such things or to say the things the way he h here is how he put it. >> i realize that there will be some in the fourth estate or whichever estate who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geo politics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in afghanistan today. to a nuclearization of iran. >> when american presidents, american senators and congressman and would be leaders go abroad, way what they say is placed under a magnifying glass and it carries great impact. >> the white house trying to undermine romney's foreign trip. and mr. romney essentially blaming the press for taking his comments out of context.
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trying to make him look bad. is he now back in the u.s. and on to the domestic campaign. shep. >> did the governor say he is concerned with the flap with the palestinians could hurt him if he becomes president? >> he did. as we were talking after the interview he said that it's the kind of thing that should he become president really make it difficult for him to help negotiate long-term peace in a two-state solution with the palestinians because of their hostility. what he said was that culture can actually determine outcomes and the comparison was the israeli economy to the palestinian economy. they were very upset. here is how he explained it. >> did not speak about the palestinian culture or the decisions made in their economy. that's an interesting topic that perhaps can deserve scholarly analysis. but i actually didn't address that instead, i will point out that the choice is a society makes has a profound impact on the economy and the vitality of that society.
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>> i know, i know. >> shepard: we all know now. >> and so mr. romney's plane arrived just about an hour ago. before he left poland he said to the extent he tried not to criticize the commander and chief, the president while he is overseas. now that he is back in the u.s. tough contrast will respond for let the attack campaign resume, shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron, warsaw, poland tonight. the obama administration is reacting to a mixed bag on reports about our economy. we will go live to the white house for top story at the bottom of the hour. swimming phenom michael phelps had a shot at olympic history today and he did it competed for his 19th career medal, more than any other athlete. and we're about to give you the result, which will not air on the network until later tonight. so if you don't want to be spoiled, now is your chance to turn down the sound but do it quickly. michael phelps won his 18th
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and 19th medals today in london. and his teammates helped him get there phelps actually finished a disappointing second in the 200-meter burt fly when analysts call his signature event. he fared much better in the 200 by 400 relay. ryan lochte built him a 4 second lead before he carried it home for a first place finish. trace gallagher with the news live out in los angeles. trace, i guess michael phelps had asked his teammates give me a big lead, please. >> it turns out, shep, he needed it because as you said they handed him a four second lead and the u.s. ended up beating france by three seconds though michael phelps was clearly kind of you see cruising in the end. still good enough to win his 15th gold medal. add to that two silver and two bronze. he is the most decorated athlete ever. first male athlete to win a single event in three straight olympics. as you said he lost the butterfly by 500 hundredths of
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a second. he still has three races left and two more chances to become that first three-peelt in a single event, shep. >> shepard: mighty impressive. officials are defending a 16-year-old chinese swimmer after her record-breaking win in one race provoked other olympians to call it insanely fast and disturbing. here's the swimmer. she denies that she used performance enhancing drugs. despite china's long history of doping sandals at previous olympic games. drug testing officials confirm she is clean. keep in mind her winning race in the winning race she actually swam her last length of the pool faster than the american ryan lochte. he is 6'2". she is 5'8". the too many credit hard work, a lot of practice and large hands. judge for yourself. let's get back to trace. chinese swimmer won the gold again today, trace. >> she did. only this time, shep, it wasn't a world record though it was an olympic record in the 200 individual medley and,
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again, this time she was dominant in the freestyle and what the critics are saying is that she simply improved too much too fast and which is why they suspect doping. but all the olympic medal winners are tested and there is a special unit looking into doping charges and so far she appears clean. the olympic committee says she is just not being given the benefit of the doubt. listen. >> it is incredible that there is so much speculation out there in the press. i don't like it. i think it is wrong. that athlete or indeed any athlete that has never tested positive is an athlete who shall be supported by her fed federation, indeed everybody notice olympic movement. >> and it turns out she went two for two this olympics, shep. she was only in two events. she is done for this year. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. police arrested a teenager for making death threats to an
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olympic diver online. and it is just the latest in a series of controversies involving twitter. started harassing this phantom daily after he failed to medal in a synchronized diving competition on monday. tom daily was favored to win that event. among the teenager's tweets, quote: i'm going to find you and i'm going to drown you in the pool. twitter ultimately removed that post and others like it. officials already booted two athletes from competing in the olympics because of their own offensive tweets. what's more, some other olympians launched a campaign fighting back against sponsorship restrictions. american viewers protested nbc's decision to air some of the top events in prime time on a delay by sending tweets under the ash hag nbc-fail. and that delay may have cost nbc in viewers. the nielsen ratings agency reports that 20% of households in the major markets watched
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last night's olympic events. that's down 9% from similar coverage in the beijing games in 2008. that year many of the big convenience including swimming aired live. but last night's numbers are still up 3% from the 2004 games in athens. and nbc prime time coverage did break ratings records during the opening ceremony and the next two days of competition. a new republic report is singling out government staffers for how they handle the fast and furious gun sting. coming up, who is getting called out and how the feds are responding. illinois gearing up for gun control fight after a new proposal from the governor that calls for a ban on assault weapons. his plan, the other side's response coming up from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report.
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shootout in which the border agent brian terry died. ballistics tests have never conclusively linked those guns to the bullet that killed brian terry. but his death exposed the operation to the public. and now, after an 18 month investigation, congressional republicans have released the first of three reports on fast and furious.
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among the findings, officials ignored warnings from other agencies that the operation was going too far. the atf lied to gun dealers reassuring them that agents were intercepting any weapons they sold. and an atf supervisor hide the news that somebody used fast and furious news from state attorney general in mexico. this is most likely important for the blame that it lays on five people at atf. william la jeunesse is live at our west coast news hub. william, if you would, tell us about those five. >> shepard be the report is based on some 7,000 subpoenaed documents, basically accuses then atf director ken melson of being aloof. assistant. bill mcmahon of giving false testimony to congress. mark chait failure to supervise and bill newell of incompetence. >> if heads don't roll, nothing changes. in other words, if we are going to make these agencies accountable, the people that are responsible for the
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wrongdoing are responsible for policies that lead to murder, even though they didn't do the murder, you know, heads have to roll. >> now, the report claims that the atf had all the evidence and probable cause it needed to take down the smuggling ring within sweex. not 18 months. they could have arrested the buyer of the guns found at agent terry terry's murder scene weeks before they were sold. shepard. >> any response from the staffers or department of justice, william? >> the attorney for bill newell calls the congressional g.o.p. led investigation a political witch-hunt and the department of justice gave us this statement. quote: predictably this republic report reiterates many of the distortions and now debunk conspiracy theories that representative issa has been advancing for a year and a half. shepard? >> shepard: i mentioned this is the first of three reports, right? >> yeah. the second report is still weeks away. that will focus on the actions of the deputy attorney general. the third report, however,
4:16 pm
will deal with the attorney general eric holder himself. and the issue of obstruction of justice. shepard? >> shepard: william la jeunesse in los angeles this afternoon. william, thanks very much. chicago is moving toward its bloodiest year in nearly a decade. and the illinois governor is now proposing a new statewide ban on assault weapons. chicago's on track now they tell us for more than 560 murders this year. which, if it holds, would be the most the city has had since 2003. among them, a college basketball recruit shot and killed last week. and now the democratic governor pat quinn is proposing a ban on what he defines as semiautomatic assault weapons including the a.r. 15. that's the weapon that police say accused killer james holmes used in the shooting at the movie theater in aurora, colorado. governor quinn of illinois says that shooting was one of the factors in his decision to call for a ban. a republic lawmaker says the governor's plan is just a political move. other gun control measures have failed in the illinois
4:17 pm
state legislature. more than a week after the movie theater massacre in aurora, cops have arrested this man for sparking panic in another theater at another midnight screening of the same movie. witnesses tell police that he got into a fight with another movie goer and left the theater. but that he soon returned wearing black gloves and screaming this is it. more than 100 people are said to have run for the exits. cops say he did not fire a weapon but they could smell alcohol on him. happened last night in miami beach. police across the country have now made several arrests linked to the screenings of the dark night rises. a man in florida went free after spending more than 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. but tonight he is back behind bars. and wait until you hear why coming up next. plus, new numbers on how many illegal immigrants end up back behind bars after they do time. tonight, immigration officials are responding to the report from congress. that's ahead.
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>> shepard: this guy walked free from prison after serving decades of a crime did he not commit. now he is accused of attempted murder. a judge formerly released a man from prison in 2006. >> are you ready for what you have been so ready to hear. motion granted you are a free man. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: it was d.n.a. evidence that helped clear him of that rape charge and lawmakers in florida agreed to pay him more than a million dollars for that huge mistake. well, now he is accused of shooting a man in an argument over a compact disk. phil keating in our south florida newsroom. what exactly happened here, phil? >> shep, attempted murder according to tallahassee cops.
4:22 pm
he allegedly fired 8 bullets into the car of antwon davis hitting him in the arm and the leg as they were both doing 4 o0 miles per hour. walked out of prison a free man six years ago with a my hung gus second chance in life. according to the shooting victim line up quote. he was trying to kill him. tonight he remains in jail pending his bond hearing. shep staffers and volunteers with the innocence in florida helped get him out of jail six years ago. they speaking to this matter. >> very minimal. they have shock and disbelief. his attorney calling all of this bizarre in the years since then governor charlie crist pardoned him while he has pursued higher education. even volunteering his time innocence projected in florida. he has worked for a time with at risk youth. a compelling public speaker really remarkable. he doesn't evidence any bitterness over what he has this it to through given what
4:23 pm
he has endured this is just horrific. over the past 20 years d.n.a. evidence has cleared nearly 300 people of murder and rape convictions and according to the innocence project of new york city, of those, the number that end you up back behind bars is very very low. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in south florida tonight. the former police sergeant who keeps losing his wives finally went on trial today. drew peterson is accused of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. her body turned up in a dry bathtub in 2004. drew peterson's fourth wife stacy later went missing. prosecutors never charged him with her disappearance, though they say he is the main suspect. today defense lawyers said before kathleen savio died she had been angry about drew peterson having an affair and that they and they say she lied in court documents about being afraid of him. that didn't sit well with savio's relatives. >> got to stop trashing
4:24 pm
kathleen. drew is not the victim. kathleen was what is it going to take for these people to realize. we had her exhumed for a reason so there would be no more of this nonsense. >> wouldn't trash her, she had a very hot -- this is not something of dispute. cathy savio was describing everybody as a hell cat, a fighter, a very spirited person who would never take no for a answer and always had to get her way. >> jurors also heard from kathleen savio's neighbors today. neighbors who described finding the woman's body in that dry bathtub. there is word home prices are now on the in a bunch of cities across the country. experts say other new numbers are not so promising for the economy. we'll get reaction from wall street and the white house. plus, a 12-year-old girl had to think fast when she saw her grandfather pass out behind the wheel. but, first, she admits she kind of freaked out. we'll hear from her next as we approach the bottom of the
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and go to for a free trial offer. >> a 12-year-old girl her to save her own life after grandfather had to died. he wasn't feeling well right before he passed out with his foot on the gas pedal. as that pickup truck reached 80 miles per hour, the girl says she undid her seat belt and tried using her hand to hit the break then both feet but they were still going too fast so she says she started looking for something to slow them down. i just saw woods so i avoided the telephone pole right next to me. went through someone's lawn. ran over a little tree and then i took out three other trees. >> i just can't imagine her seeing what she saw watching her grandfather pass in front of her let alone the reactions that she did. here is where she ran that car off the road. the girl says she knew exactly
4:29 pm
how to react in an emergency situation because her dad is an emt. folks have to evacuate their homes when a river of water erupts at an intersection and it tops our news across america. new jersey politician say they got calls early this morning about a water main break in scotch plains. water spewed from the ground flooding roads and the yards of nearby homes a yiment spokesperson says the rupture did not effect local tap water. colorado. crews worked through the night to clear a mudslide off a highway in colorado springs. heavy rain has sent rock and debris into the road. a pickup truck got stuck but we're told a man and his son climbed out the back unhurt indiana, a maryland man dressed as batman cheering up kids at indianapolis children's hospital. he says he has done it for years and plans to hit up more
4:30 pm
hospitals in the midwest. you may recall the viral video of cops in maryland pulling him over in costume in march because of his bat plates. those police let him go without a ticket. missouri, a couple in kansas city has adopted 17 children. they say they have always wanted a big family but couldn't have any more kids after their first two births. over the years they have cared for nearly 300 foster children. now they have a full house. >> our grocery bill is absurd. >> shepard: the family goes through about 25 boxes of cereal and up to 10 gallons of milk a week. and they are part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a down day for our 401(k)'s as investors await the outcome of an important federal reserve meeting. dow closed just above 13,000.
4:31 pm
s&p down six. analysts are saying the fed will likely decide to take some steps to boost our struggling economy. of course, that could include more stimulus spending. the bank's two day meetings wrap up tomorrow. meantime the housing market appears to be gaining some serious traction. there is a new report out that shows the home prices went up in may for the second month in a row. a jump of more than 2%. the price index tracks prices at 20 metropolitan areas. it's not all good news. ed henry is live outside the white house tonight. ed, i guess we are really waiting for a more important or bigger economic number this friday. >> that's right. and that's going to be the jobs report for the month of july. in the bottom line is if you look at the trend line at the beginning of the year, the president had some steam behind him in terms of this economy coming back. look at january and february. each month we created over 250,000 jobs. in the spring, it started coming down sharply and by june, you had only 80,000 jobs
4:32 pm
created we spoke to economists today if you look at that trend line it's looking like friday could be bad number. take a listen. >> it's getting worse. it's not improving. that's troubling. given the fact they didn't start out looking pretty good did but deflated. >> the president has a limited number of these job reports. just a few more of them before the november election to try and show progress and give the american people that narrative that he believes it's turning around, shep. >> shepard: so the politicians are dishing out blame. mitt romney, governor mitt romney blaming the white house. the white house blaming the congress. >> sure. i mean jay carney today came to the podium and said when you look at some of these numbers, the housing numbers as you suggested. the prices are up. that's good. consumer spending down there. are other signs of struggles in the economy jay carney basically said look, we know it's not on track yet. if republicans on the hill would pass the rest of the jobs act it would get on track. take a listen. >> the president is not satisfied with where the economy is he knows the
4:33 pm
american people by and large are not satisfied with where the economy is he is urging congress to do everything it can to take action, to help the economy grow faster and to help it create more jobs. >> and that is also why the president is going to continue to hit the road. hitting three battleground states over the next two days, ohio, florida, and virginia. to continue and make that case,. >> shepard: shep ed henry live at the white house tonight. ed, thanks. the federal government will not shut down at the end of next month or at the end of september. at least that's what our leaders are telling us tonight. the senate majority leader harry reid and the house speaker john boehner say they have agreed on a plan to keep the lights on for another six months. they say they will work out the details during august recess and pass the bill when they get back in september. the democratic senate majority leader harry reid refuses to relies tax returns because the republic presidential candidate did not pay any taxes for 10 years.
4:34 pm
the huffington post web site published this interview. fox news called senator reid's office and the majority leader said these things but that they can't confirm the story itself is true senator reid said his source of information is someone who called his office saying he had invested with bain capital but according to the reporting of "the huffington post" neither the senator nor his aides would identify that alleged investor. of the romney campaign has previously denied reports that the governor hasn't paid any taxes. democratic party is set to make history at this year's convention. keynote event opening night on september the 4th. he is the mayor of first hispanic keynote speaker at a democratic convention. the first hispanic to give a keynote address at a republic convention was a former u.s. treasury secretary catherine ortega that was back in 1984. immigration is expected to be a major issue, no matter who wins the white house in november. a brand new report is out that shows one reason why.
4:35 pm
one in six illegal immigrants who have been arrested winds up back in jail within three years his or her release. that's according to new figures from the house judiciary committee. its chairman, the texas congressman lamar smith blames what he calls president presidet obama's anti-enforcement agenda on immigration. in statement, the u.s. immigration and customs enforce wanted agency responds that only gets funding to deport a certain number of people each year and that it focuses on violent and repeat offenders. catherine herridge live in washington tonight. what are we learning from this report, catherine. >> well, shep, the congressional research service that's the independent investigative arm of congress annualized data between 2008 and last year. it shows that 17% of undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes committed new ones within three years of their release of the crimes they committed 14% were for driving under the influence. 11% involve drug violations. and 7.1% were major criminal violations which include assault, rape, and murder.
4:36 pm
>> this is all preventible. that's the tragedy here. the administration is intentionally practicing an immigration policy of lax enforcement of our immigration laws and the results are americans are being hurt and killed as a result of this administration's policies. >> congressman smith also says the administration's policy is reckless, shep. >> the administration responds that the numbers really aren't that clear cut, catherine. >> that's right. according to this statement from the homeland security branch that handles deportations some vendors were real estate leased by local cops before the cops could get involved. many of the individuals cited in the report were not removable under current federal law or released by local officials before ice could respond. and democratic congressman says it's a mistake to confuse undocumented immigrants who work hard in country to pursue the american dream with criminals. >> i will say this. gangs, drugs, criminal activity, nobody should ever be released. people should go to jail.
4:37 pm
complete the jail sentence and be immediately deported from the united states of america. >> the administration says its policy is to focus its limited resources on criminals, not the average undocumented immigrant. and they point to a record number of deportations, nearly 400,000 last year, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. nearly 10% of the world's population is right now in the middle of what may be the biggest blackout ever. power problems in india are now affecting well more than half a billion people at last check. in fact, more than twice the u.s. population. the power grid has buckled for a second straight day. it's an issue of supply and growing command and aging infrastructure. streetlights out of service. massive traffic jams. train passengers stranded. shops and restaurants closed. some hospitals, airports, and private homes are run aring okay backup generators. most people are just sweating it out in the horrible summer heat. the united states is now responding to reports that al
4:38 pm
qaeda fighters are hijacking the uprising in syria or at least trying to. apparently al qaeda is not the only group hoping to take advantage of that civil war. we'll get the details next. plus a bird punches a hole right through an airliner's nose. would you look at that? it sparked a mid-air emergency. the details are just ahead. [ dramatic soundtrack plays ] whether it's showing competitors' rates or striving to be number one, we're always up for a little competition. zap! [ sparking ] now, that's progressive. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite.
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>> shepard: pilots on the united airlines flight declared an emergency after a bird punched a hole right through the plane.
4:41 pm
here is a photo showing exactly where it hit. wow. airline officials say the boeing 737 hit the bird as it was descending into denver international airport. the plane, not the bird. the plane was coming from dallas. the jet landed safely. we're told the bird strike did not affect the plane's electronics and passengers likely felt only a bump at most. as for that bird, experts in d.c. will analyze what is left of it to try to determine what kind of bird it was. the state department is now addressing concerns about al qaeda and other islamic extremist in syria. listen. >> we believe that the number of al qaeda fighters al qaeda related fighters who are in syria is relatively small. there is a larger group of foreign fighters many of whom are not directed with a.q. who are either in or headed to syria. clearly this is a matter of concern fear all greater violence in syria. >> analysts tell the british
4:42 pm
newspaper the guardian that auto divide and other extremists are taking a larger role in the resolution helping with the attacks on the assad regime. rebel forces say they took control of at least two modern police stations in aleppo. the largest city in all of syria. the army had apparently been using those stations as military bases. now, fox news can't independently confirm those reports. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us tonight. do they have any idea the strength of this al qaeda influence? i mean, they say it's very small. >> nobody knows for sure how many al qaeda firefighters are there and how many of those foreign fighters now joining the fight that you just said the state department spokesperson talked about may then join al qaeda. but u.s. officials have been saying for months now that al qaeda is seeking to take advantage of the current and possibly future chaos in syria and experts here say that if al qaeda is able to do that, the u.s. and other western nations really have nobody but themselves to blame. listen. >> syrian opposition is
4:43 pm
looking for help. it's not coming from the west. and so they will probably take it from whoever they can get it i think this is again a consequence of western inaction. and while we have to vet those syrian opposition units before we provide aid. it's something we should have been doing months ago. >> on the question of aid, defense secretary leann panetta said again today the u.s. is providing communications and other nonlethal aid to the rebels there are no plans as of now to step it up and provide the weapons that the rebels say is what they most lead, shep. >> shepard: 11 days this battle in aleppo, one of the effects has been a huge refugee crisis on the border. >> the u.n. reporting that that refugee crisis is growing. thousands more every week now. seeking to escape the violence in syria. take a look at this map. the figures, 34,000 syrian refugees so far crossed into lebanon. 70,000 into turkey. 12,000 into iraq and jordan has seen the most 150,000
4:44 pm
refugees crossing the border there. and they say that because of the violence, because of the increasing crackdown, rather than the waning violence, it is only going to get much worse in the days and weeks. this past week has been the worse in terms of the number of people fleeing that violence. >> shepard: jonathan hunt on the crisis in syria. thank you. the president is cracking down on iran tonight. the white house says president obama is slapping new penalties on banks that were helping tehran avoid other financial punishments. and officials say he is expanding penalties on people trying to buy oil from iran. also today, the state department warned that iran and the militant group hezbollah have stepped up their terror plotting in the past year to levels they haven't seen since the 1990s. the defense secretary leon panetta says egypt's leaders have assured him that they will work towards full democracy. secretary panetta today stopped in choir row for choir row cairo hamid morsi along
4:45 pm
with egypt's military chief. the egyptian people elected president morsi last month in the first free democratic presidential elections. but the military issued a last-minute decree giving itself authority to keep most presidential powers. secretary panetta says both leaders told him they will continue their country's transition towards democracy. secretary panetta also addressed concerns over president morsi's connection to the muslim brotherhood. >> i was convinced that president morsi is his own man. and that he is the president of all the egyptian people. and that he is truly committed to implementing democratic reforms. >> afterwards secretary panetta flew to israel where is he meeting with top government officials to discuss the syrian uprising and iran's nuclear program. the lavish spending from one government agency apparently went way beyond mr. hot tub.
4:46 pm
now, investigators say they are looking into dozens more cases in which those workers may have blown right through our taxpayer money. speaking of money, big trouble tonight for the guy who famously shouted show me the money. a warrant out for the arrest of the actor cuba gooding jr. that's still ahead on "the fox report."
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> so it seems mr. hot tub may have been just the beginning. a congressman says taxpayers picked up the tab for more than 70 other, what he calls questionable conferences for workers at the general services administration. that's on top of that las vegas shindig that cost us more than will hundred grand. the one with the clowns and the mind reader. remember that one. the organizer mr. hot tub here aka mr. jeff neeley was famous
4:50 pm
for living the high life. ♪ ♪ every time he see me. ♪ rolling on 20. ♪ in my. >> shepard: the gsa is in charge of cracking down government west. to fox news filed freedom of information request to find out what else the agency was buying with our tax dollars and we did. doug mckelway live in washington. i guess we got another interesting video out of this thing, huh? >> indeed we did, shep. this one is doing no favors to the reputation of gsa. this video was shot at a 2010 gsa award ceremony in crystal city, virginia where employees of the federal acquisition service spent much of the day drumming and making noise with boom whackers. gsa called it a team building exercise.
4:51 pm
♪ to each other. ♪ keeping -- accountability. >> well, that paid off for gsa employees. these documents obtained by fox news, 7 a pages in all show that more than 3700 employees at that conference received cash awards averaging about $1,000 per emilyee. it cost taxpayers $3.6 million. gsa kept a running tab of the cost which it go d. not always do for some of its out-of-town conferences. several of the 77 fsa conferences that the house committee on transportation and infrastructure wants to examine have no record of spending, no receipts, no way to account for the cost of traveling and lodging. >> agencies can't keep track of any kind of spending let alone conferences which certainly does not seem to be a big priority. spending the money is easy. keeping track is the problem. throughout the government. it's not just conferences.
4:52 pm
it's every level of spending. in a written statement gsa responded as of april 2012 all spending for events including training conferences, team building exercises, award ceremonies were suspended. the 2010 award ceremony was an annual event and has been in existence going back to 2002. under the new gsa leadership, these events on this type of spending are not tolerated. there you have it, shep. chairman michael will ask for questions about that tomorrow. >> shepard: they certainly will. this kind of spend something not the biggest concern for congressional investigators. >> that's true. gsa spending on conferences pails in comparison to what gsa spends on vacant or underused federal buildings. there are literally thousands of them across the country. they cost the gsa billions every year. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway in d.c. tonight. there is word the city of scranton p.a. will give public workers the money they lost after the mayor slashed salaries to minimum wage.
4:53 pm
scranton's mayor said last month the city was flat broke, period. he cut pay for hundreds of workers including himself to $7.25 an hour after the city council rejected a tax increase. according to the scranton times tribune newspaper. the workers union struck a deal to get their pay back plus interest. in exchange, the unions agreed to drop their court filings against the mayor. meantime the struggling city is moving to put a recovery plan in place. that would make it eligible for millions of dollars in state aid. among other things the recovery plan calls for a commuter tax. and a property tax hike of up to 36% over three years. cops in new orleans say they issued an arrest warrant for the oscar winning actor cuba gooding jr. tmz is reporting the jerry maguire star got upset and started swearing up a storm after people took pictures of him at a bar early this morning. when a female bartender asked the actor to leave, it is
4:54 pm
reported that he pushed her against a wall. again, that's according to tmz. a rep for the actor has so far no comment. we reported last week that the actor snoop dogg put his hip hog game on pause to jump into re gay. now we know why snoop left the dog house. coming up details on snoop's lions. trfingsal transformational experience in the caribbean. ♪ ♪ [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans.
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we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? here one story. i'm sean. i switched to adv® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. you have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all. neck ache, shoulder pain and definitely lower back pain. i use advil® because my wife, she's a nurse, she recommended it. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil® pm.
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>> shepard: the hero formerly known as snoop doing is reincarnated snoop lion. last week we told you he changed his name. is he releasing a ragae album in the fall and now we know why. snoop says he was born again during a visit to jamaica don't you know earlier this year and connected with bob marley's spirit. owe says he hasn't retired completely from rap but that he wants to make music his getting the first reaction from swimming star michael phelps after his attempt to make olympic history. those races are on later tonight on taped delay on the nbc. number 18 and 19 for my career so far. omg i'm speechless right now. is he referring to miss medal wins today making him the most decorated olympian of all
4:58 pm
time. "wall street journal" poking fun how nbc is delaying coverage until prime time. take a look at this prime time 100-meter back stroke. >> here comes missy. here going to be close coming down to the touch. and the winner is missy. missy the missile. at 17 years of age missy franklin has won first individual gold at the olympic games and she can't keep that million-dollar smile off her face. >> shepard: love you "wall street journal." american missy franklin winning the gold. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, accusations of doping. second gold medal today asked if she ever doped she said absolutely not. the olympic committee says she is not. some fans of the rock band the who traded in tickets for 1979 rhode island show for passes to rescheduled performance next year. number three, triple a reports the price of gas nationwide shot up to 3. auto for the first time in more than a
4:59 pm
month. campaign officials massachusetts governor mitt romney says he will announce his running mate for app. for androids and iphone. congressional report blames five officials at the bureau of tobacco, alcohol and explosives for the gun tracking operation fast and furious. that's the top five. and on this day in 1984, the united states men's gymnastics team won gold in the all around competition at the summer games in los angeles. the americans were all ncaa athletes and many experts said they didn't have a chance. michigan gaylord along with the university of bart conner all scored perfect tens. compared it to the american hockey's team victory against the russians in the 1980 winters olympics. a bunch of college kids beat the chinese 28 years ago to


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